Workload Migration

Once the preparation steps are completed, you can begin with moving your dynamic servers to DCS+.

Migration Process Table

Task Purpose
Migrate your Workload Move your computing resources.

DCS+: Migrate your Workload

Once you've completed all preparation steps, you can begin with the migration of the server.

Important: At this point, you should shut down all dynamic servers that are being migrated. Once you've completed step 9 below, your running VMs will otherwise be shut down forcefully.

  1. Go to the DCS+ frontpage, and click on the "My Items" ribbon at the top.
  2. Select "Migration" from the left -hand menu. This list shows all vOrgs, which have been activated for migration in the first step.
  3. Locate the vOrg you would like to migrate and click on the "Actions" drop-down menu to the right.

    Migrate Workload - 1

  4. Select "Move Dynamic Server" from the drop down.

  5. Click on "Target Virtual Datacenter" and choose the destination DDC in DCS+, to which the selected virtual machines should be moved to.
  6. Select the dynamic servers that need to be migrated to this DDC.
  7. Carefully read the info about the "poweroff confirmation" box and tick the checkbox to acknowledge it.
  8. Click "Move Dynamic Server". This box is greyed out until you've successfully completed steps 5-7 above.

    Migrate Dynamic Server - 1

    Note: As a guideline, you can calculate around 5-6 minutes per 100GB of disk space for this process to complete.

  9. Go to "Requests" and verify that the migration has been completed successfully.

    Migrate Dynamic Server - 2

Once the status is shown as "successful", you will be able to see your dynamic servers in the DCS+ vCloud Director.

Github Repository

You can automate the migration steps using PowerShell scripts.

Please visit the github repository below to check out the migration toolset we've prepared.

Swisscom Github Repository

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